Website Promotion 1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A website needs to be constantly monitored and maintained to ensure that the optimisation is keeping up with your competition. Your website may have been on page one with a particular search result but three months later it is on page five. Your competition may be creeping up on you, more websites are being created every day, search engines change the rules, for these reasons you need to keep an eye on your site and the position it is found using Keywords.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products by our sister company Promos Online. Promotional products are the greatest way to promote your business in the physical world. When someone takes home a tricket from an event or place, they’re more likely to think of your brand and want to join with you.

When I create a website I constantly monitor it and re-optimise the site to keep up with the competition. This is done for about the first year as it can take a year to get your website ranking high with the search engines. Website promotion service keeps your site ranking high with the search engines. This involves finding safe relevant incoming link sites or directories, updating your meta tags and adjusting your website’s code. If I need to make changes that your will notice on screen I will contact you for your permission. You can employ this service on a monthly or yearly maintenance plan, or you can simply get in contact with me when you can see your site not ranking as high as it should be. I can explain website maintenance more in detail with you if you choose. View website promotion clients.

The above type of Website promotion is about ranking high with the Search Engine and ‘SEO’ is essential.

The next type of Web Site Promotion involved Promoting and Marketing your website on the Internet which is crucial if you have a product or service to sell.

Website Promotion 2 – Internet Marketing

This involves researching your product or service, finding your main internet competition, doing a link analysis report, generating a link popularity report and sourcing all the links. The next step is to apply all the reciprocal links, add your website to directories link your site to other relevant websites.The best way to explain it is – ‘location’, ‘location’, ‘location’… your website needs to be found in the right locations where the main traffic will find your business.

Website Promotion Summary

The two types of website promotion services are very different but they compliment each other. Please don’t think that you can get a website and make a fortune out of it without promotional services being included. It really depends on the type of business and product as to how much promotion is necessary.

For example, if you were a photographer in Darwin and wanted a website to promote your service then ‘SEO’ would be all you need, with possibly a very small amount of ‘Internet Marketing’. – But – if your photographic website included a gallery of images that you wanted to sell on the internet then quite a bit of Internet marketing would be needed to get your site found by customers who are looking for Photographic images.