Redesigning a website

Re-designing an existing website. If you have created your own website to save money you may have realized that it can’t be found on the internet through a search engine and can only be accessed by using the URL. A website needs to be designed professionally to ensure the website is correctly optimized for the search engines, has a design to suit the content, is easy to use and navigate around and loads quickly so visitors don’t have to wait to view your web pages. I have spent a lot of time researching search engines and techniques for design. It won’t take long to view your website and code to let you know what is needed to ensure your site looks great and ranks highly with the search engines – quotes are free and there is no obligation.

I recently heard of someone paying over $1000 per page for a website for their small business which I had a look at and discovered that the site was not optimized at all for the search engines. When trying to contact the company’s salesman, who conveniently went back to Perth where the Companies Office is located, was told that Optimising the site would cost another $1000 per year. This was not explained clearly to the customer and in my opinion the company representative took advantage of the customers lack of Internet knowledge. I have heard many stories similar to the one above which makes it very hard for people to know who to trust. When I speak to a potential client I let them know up front exactly what is involved in design, promotion and costs. I make sure they have a clear understanding and I speak in English not computer language.

What is needed to re-design a website designed elsewhere

To re-design or re-vamp your existing website I need the web site files and access to your Web Hosting Service Control Panel (Customer ID and Password).